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It’s time to upgrade your hearing if:

  1. You say “What?” often when talking with others.
  2. Your family asks you to turn the TV volume down.
  3. You don’t have hearing aids, or the hearing aids you’re using are more than 3 years old.
  4. You want to hear clearly again.
  5. You lead an active life and want to stay involved with family and friends.

Get expert advice on your hearing needs and the latest technology — and get more out of life.

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Get Answers

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    I wish all health care facilities were as caring, helpful and friendly as all the staff at Piedmont Health Care and I certainly recommend their services to anyone who has a hearing problem.”

    - Susie B.

    One of the best things I’ve ever done! Dr.Richardson was warm, friendly, and helpful as he tested my hearing and listened to me to get the best hearing aids for my personal needs.”

    - Cheryl P.

    Dr. Richardson is great and the staff in the office is always really nice and helpful. I’m so glad I chose this doctor and office to go to.”

    - Kylie G.

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